The customer acknowledges to contract exclusively in accordance with the general stipulations at issue, from which can only be deviated with the explicit and written approval of Eskimo. Any additional and following orders will be effected under acceptance of the mentioned general terms and conditions. If one of the clauses stipulated below should lose its validity, this will by no means result in the invalidity of the remaining clauses.

Free right of replacement and return
The consumer has the right to inform the seller that he abandons his purchase, within 14 days following the day of product delivery, without payment of any fine and without motive given.The purchase of any article shall only become final after this return period of 14 days has expired. For further information, we refer to article 7, in which the right to abandon the purchase is explained.Please note that, during this period of 14 days, the delivered goods shall only be used in order to be checked – as is also common when trying on in a store - and that the articles shall be returned with their original tickets, labels as well as in the original packaging. Any other use or damage of the articles and/or packaging implies that the consumer has purchased the article. Eskimo is authorized to produce evidence by means of photography. It is only with the explicit approval that she can decide to take back these goods at payment of a compensation for any damages, the sum of which she has to stipulate.

Delivery/shipping charges
Eskimo is dependent on her suppliers and shall deliver within five to seven working days after receipt of the order, unless her own supplier is unable to deliver on time. If so, the consumer cannot claim damages in case of late delivery or impossibility to deliver the articles. In case of impossibility to deliver the goods, Eskimo will inform the consumer, at which the consumer has the choice either to choose a similar article at its current price or to have the purchase amount credited without any additional costs or compensations.

The minimum value of the order for a delivery free of charge is EUR 60 (sixty Euro). For orders with a lower value, postal expenses will be charges. Upon booking an order, these will be mentioned separately and explicitly. For deliveries outside Belgium, postal expenses will always be charged and be mentioned separately and explicitly upon booking an order.

Prices and methods of payment
Prices valid at the moment of ordering shall be applicable. All prices mentioned include legally provided VAT.Payments shall be done by credit card. Unless agreed otherwise, the agreement shall only be concluded after payment as above. Eskimo reserves the right to refuse certain payment methods anytime after credit rating investigation. Every shortcoming in complying with these general conditions, the customer not observing the agreement he made, grants Eskimo the right either to stop and postpone deliveries, without considering any term of notice, or to terminate the current agreement, without prejudice to the right to claim the damages actually to be proven. The same applies in case of bankruptcy of the customer, application for composition, entry into a collective debt settlement, dissolution with claim in liquidation en/or suspension of payments of the customer.

Refusal of orders
Eskimo reserves the right to refuse any on-line order. Eskimo can take this decision at her own discretion without any further motivation. Eskimo shall immediately inform the customer in case she decides not to execute an on-line order.Valid orders via the Eskimo Webshop can only be placed in the following languages: Dutch, French and English.

Retention of title
All articles remain the exclusive property of Eskimo until full payment.

Protection of personal data
Eskimo commits herself not to provide, sell or hand over your personal data to third parties under any circumstances, and not to use your personal data for commercial or promotional actions (except companies belonging to the Eskimo Group). Eskimo strictly observes the Belgian Act of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy in relation to the processing of personal data. You can write a letter to the address mentioned in article 10, if you do not wish to be contacted for commercial or advertising actions. If, beyond the control of Eskimo, a third party should get hold of the personal data of her customer(s) or abuse them causing damage to the customer, before actively claiming damages, the customer shall give Eskimo the opportunity to either first address this third party or undertake the necessary steps to stop the damage and/or to address this third party by non-voluntary intervention and/or indemnity for the damages claimed by the customer on behalf of Eskimo.

Legal information on right of return
Right to abandon saleThe consumer has the right to inform the seller that he abandons his purchase within 7 days following receipt of the article, without payment of a fine or without motive given. This condition is fulfilled if the article is returned on time. Anyway, articles are returned at Eskimo’s charge and risks. The articles shall be return to the address mentioned in article 10.Consequences of the returnIf the consumer wishes to exercise his right of return, both parties shall return all articles and payments received, as well as, if necessary, any potential advantages arising from the possession of the article or the payment. Damages for possible decrease in value can be claimed, in case the quality of the articles has declined.

The Belgian legally stipulated guaranties are applicable, unless explicitly deviated from.

Competent court and applicable language
The courts of the district of Ghent are competent for any dispute concerning these conditions. In case of unclarities resulting from the informative translation of the original Dutch text, the content of the latter will prevail.

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