Eskimo has been a creator and producer of underwear and nightwear since 1906. Over countless years and collections Eskimo has stayed true to its roots to create warm, comfortable and soft products for the entire family.

Eskimo lovers and fans are people who value the combination of soft pure materials, maximum comfort and optimal quality. They take every opportunity to get the most out of every moment to relax, rest and … sleep. They seize every chance to enjoy the comfortable feeling of our products, day and night.

  • Eskimo has a large range of underwear, nightgowns, pyjama’s, morning gowns, homewear and knitwear. They come in various colours,
    print stories and have a contemporary look and feel.
  • Eskimo offers 2 seasonal collections per year, Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter. All pieces are designed in Belgium
    and offer endless possibilities for combinations. 
  • Eskimo is about more than just clothes. It is about the story behind the creations, it is about people and their search for comfort and freedom to move.
Warm and cosy in winter, cool and airy in summer.

Sweet dreams ...